women and girls can break the cycle of poverty and violence, build economic alternatives and claim control over their bodies


we need a world in which women and girls are empowered to rise up against violence, demand a more equitable share of care work between themselves, men and governments, have greater access to land, food and other resources and have control over their time. Women’s control over their bodies, sexuality, reproductive health, time, labor and earnings are critical aspects of their empowerment, particularly for women and girls living in poverty and exclusion. It must be at the center of Action’s work across all countries.

HRDs need more

Unfortunately, as is evident from the monitoring of the situation of HRDs, those at the forefront of defending, promoting and protecting human rights are prime targets of attacks perpetrated by state and non-state actors. HRDs are often victims of physical assaults, and arbitrary and unlawful detention is the number one tactic of repression used by states. It is the increasingly threatening situation for HRDs that motivates the current global statement.

HRDs don’t need just relocation.  They need safety, they need to learn more while they are in exile, they need to be capacity build while in exile.


HRDs need more.

Thank you Stanley for the grate initiative.

HRDs East Africa

Human Rights Defenders
Risk assessment and digital security training for Human Rights Defenders from the sub region of East Africa that includes, Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi and Zanzibar